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Help with Dissolving a Civil Partnership

Civil Partnerships provide couples with most of the rights that married couples enjoy.

This means that registered couples in a civil partnership receive the following rights:

• An obligation to financially support each other and the children of the family

• They are obliged to pay child support

• Parties in Civil Partnerships are protected from domestic violence

• An exception on Inheritance Tax on property passed between partners

• The partnership is recognised under inheritance and testacy rules

• Entitlement to pass on bereavement benefits and benefits from occupational pensions to the surviving partners

• Access to fatal accident compensation

If you and your civil partner find yourselves in the position where you believe that your relationship has irretrievably broken down you need to apply for a formal dissolution process through the courts. This process is very similar to divorce proceedings and you will need to prove one of the following as grounds for the dissolution:

• your partner has behaved unreasonably

• you and your partner have lived apart for two years, and that you both agreed to the dissolution

• you and your partner have lived apart for at least five years, if only one of you agrees to the dissolution

• your partner deserted you at least two years ago

Jarmans Solicitors always recommend that you obtain legal advice from an experienced family solicitor, particularly where children and property are involved. Our team will guide you through the process, working with you to achieve an amicable break up wherever possible.

In the same way that a divorce processes through the courts, you will first need to complete a civil partnership dissolution petition which sets out the details of your civil partnership, any children, other parties, and the grounds for the dissolution. Once this is completed, the court will stamp it and send a copy to your civil partner. They will then have seven days to respond. If your civil partner decides to contest the dissolution they will have a further twenty-one days to Answer at court.

If a dissolution of a civil partnership runs smoothly and uncontested it can take between four and six months to formally end the partnership and gain your Final Order.

If you are considering ending your civil partnership contact our team of highly experienced family law practitioners to get solid and pragmatic advice on your next steps.

We offer a free, 15-minute, pre-bookable phone call with one of our experienced family law team. Alternatively, we offer a fixed £180 fee inc VAT  for a 45-minute meeting with one of our highly experienced family team. If you would like some confidential advice about a family legal issue, contact us today to book a meeting.


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    We have just successfully purchased our first home with the help from Sonia Thrower at Jarmans. We are very impressed with the service that we received, at first we were quite worried as the person that was given our case had left and Sonia took over at very early stages. With our purchase it was very different to normal as we also had land attached to our property where it started to get a little confusing with title numbers etc


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    Jarmans Solicitors are friendly, welcoming and very Professional. Great attention to detail, wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Thank you to Julia for all your help.


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    “Good morning Kendra, I wish to thank you for acting so brilliantly on my behalf; your calm, knowledgeable, compassionate approach reassured me and gave me confidence with the decisions I made (as a result of your counsel) during a difficult and challenging time.  I have appreciated the regular phone calls and timely communications from you, it has been a privilege to work with you and I am happy with the outcome you have worked to achieve for me.  As you are aware, what happened



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