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Tenants have a number of rights and responsibilities connected to their tenancy agreement. Any tenant in a privately rented property should have a co-signed private rental agreement which is signed by them and the landlord or their representative. You should ensure that this happens before you move in.

What are your rights as a tenant?

Your tenancy agreement provides you with a number of rights that are protected under UK law. These include:

  • That the property you rent is safe and in good repair
  • To have your deposit returned at the end of your tenancy (you must have met the terms of your tenancy agreement) and, if the tenancy began after 2007, that it is stored in a protected deposit scheme. Additionally, you have the right to challenge any charges made against your deposit
  • You have the right to know the identity of your landlord (they must identify themselves to you within 21 days)
  • You also have the right to live in the property you are leasing undisturbed (you must be given at least 24 hours’ notice of any landlord visits)
  • Tenants are protected against unfair rent and unreasonable eviction
  • Since 1 June 2019, tenants are now protected from paying certain fees when they set up their tenancy under the Tenancy Fees Act.

What are your responsibilities as a tenant?

As a tenant you are basically being given permission to live in someone else’s property and as such you have certain responsibilities.

You should take care of the property, ensuring that you do not cause any damage and, if there are any problems, should make sure that you report them immediately to the landlord. Despite the fact that the property belongs to someone else, by signing a tenancy agreement you agree to treat the property with respect and care.

Tenants must also make sure that they pay their rent on time and that it is the correct amount. This should be the case even if you are waiting for repairs or are in dispute with your landlord. It’s also important to keep any other bills paid, such as council tax and TV Licence fees, unless directly stipulated in your lease.

You also have an obligation to not cause or indulge in any antisocial behaviour or criminal activity.

Sub-letting and pet ownership should only happen if your tenancy agreement states that you can do so and, if you breach either of these or any of the other responsibilities outlined above, could give your landlord the right to evict you.

If you are concerned that your landlord is impinging on your rights as a tenant, or are worried that you may be evicted, contact our legal team for advice.

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Chris took the time to explain several items and offered some very good advice. I will definitely use them again.

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