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What happens if I don’t make a Will? - Jarmans Solicitors

What happens if I don’t make a Will?

Our professional and helpful team can help you update or make a Will

When someone dies without making a Will, they are considered to be Intestate. In these situations, the decision on how an Estate is divided up is governed by a number of rules. Only married and civil partners, and close relatives can inherit under the rules of intestacy.

This means that if you have a long-term co-habiting partner, they would not receive anything from your Estate.

If you are married or in a civil partnership with children and die intestate, your spouse will receive all of your personal property and belongings, the first £270,000 of the Estate, and half the remaining Estate. Your children would receive the remaining part of the Estate. In some cases this can mean that your spouse may have to take any children under 18 to court to make a claim. This is a time consuming, potentially traumatic, and costly process.

If you own a home with your partner and are beneficial joint tenants, your surviving partner would automatically inherit your share of the property. However, if you are tenants in common, your share of the property would not automatically go to them. This could leave them in a potentially precarious situation.

For individuals who aren’t married and have no children, the Estate is shared between their closest relatives. In some instances this can mean that your assets could be shared with someone you don’t know or have never met.

We think you’ll agree that none of these are particularly attractive options, which is why Jarmans Solicitors always recommend that our clients have an up-to-date Will in place.

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    ‘’I've been dealing with Jarmans solicitors over a litigation issue to protect my financial interests within a property I bought with a so-called friend which I owned the highest percentage within the property. The solicitor called Jeanine has been very helpful and supportive and advised me I have a very strong case to stop my so-called friend from taking half my house away from me. I am very happy with the work which has been carried out so far. I


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    ‘’We first contacted Christopher Kennett in April 2020, regarding a boundary dispute as you can appreciate these things if not dealt with correctly can quickly turn nasty. Christopher came to the site so that he completely understood the situation and was not relying on photographs, which can in some cases be misleading. The personal treatment we have received throughout the last year has been fantastic we rely completely on his advice, and put our complete trust in him to always


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    ‘’Great representation in court following road traffic charges - Matt Davis and Jeanine Harry. Very many thanks for your services. Excellent result on the day.’’



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