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Are You Paying Too Much For Legal Advice?

December 21, 2018

The model of the large law firm is broken - they cost you money and time.

I used to work in some of the largest law firms, both in Kent and London. They work in a particular way: they try to maximise their profits because their rents and plush furnishings are so expensive. This means that client care gets pushed to one side and they don't think outside the box, because that would mean resolving your problem or issue more quickly, with less profit for them. You don't usually get to speak to the fee earner running your matter, rather to a junior, because senior fee earners are too important to speak to Jo public. They would rather shovel all the work down and get the juniors working very long hours, again thereby maximising the firm's bottom line.

We are different: we are a full-service firm in Sittingbourne but we are not a Sittingbourne firm. We punch above our weight to offer real expertise in all the areas the large firms offer, and more, like commercial, corporate and litigation, but with lower overheads, very competitive rates, London and Kent experience, a commercial approach, great client care and quick resolutions - thereby saving you time and money.

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