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Being A Landlord

June 17, 2022 jarmans 0 Comments

Leasing out a property, whether it’s residential or commercial, should be relatively painless if you ensure that you have covered all the important legalities of the lease. However, disputes do sometimes occur which, if not dealt with properly, can result in animosity and, in the worst cases, property damage.

While, in some cases, the only way to resolve a tenancy dispute can be by taking a legal route, there are some simple steps that landlords can take to ensure that the groundwork is in place should your relationship with your tenant sour. We always recommend having a watertight tenancy document in place, prepared and overseen by a legal expert, which explains how any disputes should be handled.

Be proactive instead of reactive

Being a proactive landlord can come in many guises. Whether you are ensuring that the property is regularly maintained to keeping up to date with housing legislation, forward thinking can go a long way to stopping potential disputes in their tracks. It also makes you a better landlord, who will be more likely to attract tenants that appreciate and respect your property and stay longer.

It’s not personal

As with any business, problems and issues will arise. The key is to remain calm and to consider them in a business-like manner. Even if your tenant is being unreasonable, remaining composed and civil will help you if you find yourself initiating court proceedings.

It’s very easy to jump at bait, but taking a step back and taking legal advice where needed can stop what could be a minor problem escalating into something costlier.

Meet your tenants

It’s all too easy to ping angry emails and texts back and forth, but sometimes meeting your tenants face to face can ease any hostility. Taking time to meet them in a neutral environment also shows that you are willing to listen and see how you can move forward to come to an agreement.

Keep your records up to date

We always advise keeping up to date records for your tenants and the properties in your portfolio, but this becomes even more important should a dispute arise. From the minute a dispute is filed, keep documents of every piece of correspondence between you and your tenant.

Speak to some specialists

Specialist civil litigation solicitors are there to provide advice, representation, and legal guidance, so if you sense that a dispute may arise, it’s important to find a legal representative. They will work through the dispute with you and may mediate with your tenant. They will also provide a third-party viewpoint, which is invaluable in any dispute situation.

If you are a landlord or are thinking about leasing out a property, contact our team of experts today.

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