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Business Documents: Why A Free Business Health Check Would Benefit You

June 22, 2022 jarmans 0 Comments

If 2022 means you have set your goals for growing or starting up a new business, there will be many exciting times ahead. You will likely have your mind focused on a business development strategy and how to catapult your brand awareness to your target audience. However, don’t overlook your risk-management plan, which should include setting up the various legal documents that will protect your business and lessen the possibility of any potential difficulties or disputes. Without this, all your hard work could be put at unnecessary threat.

Taking legal advice early and enlisting the assistance of an experienced commercial lawyer will ensure you fully understand how to use the law to protect your interests and will be one of the important tasks you can do for your business. Even if you have an already established company with a set of contracts and agreements in place, it is worth having them reviewed to ensure they are up to date and provide the proper protection for your business.

How can I ensure my business documents are correct?

That’s why Jarmans Solicitors are now offering a Free Business Health Check, providing consultation with an experienced commercial solicitor and an opportunity for a legal expert to cast their eye over your most important business documents. 

Taking advantage of a legal business health check has numerous benefits. Business owners all see important legal documents passing across their desks, but how many would argue that they have the legal expertise to spot a mistake? It makes sense to ask an expert on contracts and legal documents to provide a fresh legal perspective and advise on errors or things that have been overlooked. 

Additionally, a legal health check can help a business plan for the road ahead, identify where problems may arise, and avoid potential future legal expenses. This is particularly pertinent if a business owner is considering a sale of all or part of their business or a sale of their shares in the company. 

Jarmans’ free business health check provides impartial legal advice on the following:

Expert Commercial Law Solicitor

If you are a business owner or start-up, no matter how large or small the company, and would like to take advantage of our 1-hour free business health check (worth £300), get in touch to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced commercial solicitors. Appointments are available on Tuesday and Friday.

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