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Changing Your Mortgage Could Help In The Current Crisis

June 21, 2022 jarmans 0 Comments

In the current crisis many people are, understandably, worrying about money and their mortgage payments. While many banks are offering mortgage breaks whilst the country deals with the impact of Covid-19, it is also worth considering looking around for a new mortgage provider.

Over recent weeks the Bank of England has reduced interest rates down to 0.1%. This means that for those whose mortgages are due for renewal or whose initial introductory mortgage rate will be expiring soon, it’s a good time to look for a new mortgage running at a lower rate.  

A reduction in mortgage payments, not only helps during the immediate few weeks, but can also provide welcome additional household income over the next few years as the country recovers and rebuilds.

For any new mortgage, it is legally required that you get professional legal advice and representation, which Jarmans Solicitors are able to complete for you remotely, meaning that you don’t need face to face contact. Most mortgage brokers can provide a remote service too,

If you are considering taking advantage of the latest low interest rates, contact us to make a video or phone appointment.  Call 01795 472291 or email enquiries@jarmans-solicitors.co.uk

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