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Corporate Law: Everything You Need To Know - Jarmans Solicitors

Corporate Law: Everything You Need To Know

June 22, 2022 jarmans 0 Comments

Corporate and Commercial Law

Starting and running a successful business can be extremely rewarding, but business owners can face many challenges. Seeking sound legal advice from the outset will ensure you have a solid foundation to protect you and your business and have many other advantages.

Jarmans Solicitors have provided world-class legal advice to our clients for over 150 years. Our highly experienced Corporate and Commercial teams work hard to ensure that our clients receive honest, pragmatic, and straightforward legal advice.

Is there a difference between a Corporate or Commercial Solicitor?

Corporate and Commercial Law are the general terms used to describe the various legal services designed to support businesses and business owners across many aspects of running a business.

Whist these specialist areas are related, they are slightly different. In their very basic forms, corporate law usually refers to the formation, ownership, and structure of the business. Corporate law also governs other matters such as shareholder rights, mergers, and acquisitions or dissolution and covers the rights and obligations of the individuals involved in setting up and running the company.

On the other hand, commercial law governs and regulates the commercial transactions involved in running that business, such as contracts and agreements. Commercial law can also include broader areas of law such as Employment law and Commercial Property Conveyancing.

Your business may need assistance across both areas and, at some point, face situations that require expert advice from specialist commercial law or corporate law solicitors.

Commercial Disputes and Litigation

Commercial disputes are an unfortunate part of commercial life and can arise in any business. Furthermore, in many cases, the way they are resolved can directly impact the continuing success or failure of the company business.

Seeking advice early on can help manage and resolve matters before things escalate, finding a more amicable resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible. When disputes can’t be resolved through alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or informal negotiation, you may need to take matters further through litigation in the courts if need be. However, this can be costly, lengthy, and damaging to ongoing commercial relationships. Whilst litigation is unwelcomed, it is sometimes unavoidable and seeking expert legal advice is a must.

Our specialist lawyers are successful litigators and experts in alternative dispute resolution processes. We provide our clients with constructive and robust solutions to their commercial dispute matters, fighting for their rights in what can often be challenging circumstances.

Expert Corporate and Commercial Solicitors

As one of the leading business solicitors in the South-East, Jarmans work with companies of all sizes, providing cost effective legal advice and representation. Our team of business solicitors have a wealth of experience across all aspects of business law, dispute resolution and litigation.

Our teams will work with you to understand your objectives and help minimise your business risks.

If your business is involved in a dispute, our professional and helpful Commercial Dispute and Litigation team provide pragmatic and effective advice and guidance, giving you peace of mind and saving you time and money.

We believe in partner-led legal advice so that you benefit from the many years of experience of the most senior members of our team. Find out more about Jay Sahota, Senior Partner and Commercial Litigation specialist.

Are you interested in the differences between English and German Litigation techniques? – Ask about our webinar coming soon!

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