Personal Law

Dealing With Internet Trolls

December 6, 2018

Do you have a problem with internet trolls? Can you imagine going back to the twentieth century and living in a world where social media isn’t such an ingrained part of our life today. We are forever on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as blogs and company websites. Revealing your personal opinions can be advantageous to link up with like-minded individuals and companies. However it can also make you a target for others whose opinions are in conflict with your own views.

The issue is complicated due to attitudes on freedom of speech, but help is at hand if you are being attacked by internet trolls. We can help, with the following areas:-

  • Tracing the individuals who have published the comments.
  • Contact the social media platform to remove the published material.
  • Obtain an injunction to prevent similar comments being republished.

Where comments are libellous, often the threat of issuing proceedings is sufficient to stop repeat offending.

It is also easy for published material to pass the criminal threshold. If intimate photos and videos have been placed on the internet we can help ensure that the offenders are prosecuted. Similarly, we can assist if you have been the subject of comments that amount to hate crimes, or threaten violence.

The right to be forgotten:

Are there facts about you online that are true, but outdated? When you search your name on the internet is an embarrassing photograph from an earlier decade the top search hit? Material that is not published on a media platform is difficult to remove, but we can help to ‘hide’ the links to those webpages even when the information is factually correct. We can help when the following still remain published:-

  • Out of date press articles.
  • Aged spent convictions.
  • Financial difficulties and the fact of earlier bankruptcies that have now been discharged.
  • Romantic or alcohol fuelled indiscretions.
  • Other embarrassing events that that are no longer newsworthy.

Data Leaks:

Has your personal data been hacked, lost or stolen? We can help limit any loss. We can also help prosecute offenders and assist the commissioner to ensure you are compensated.