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Domestic Abuse

June 21, 2022 jarmans 0 Comments
  • “My partner always puts me down but that’s not abuse, right?”
  • “My partner pushes me when he/she’s angry, but that’s not abuse, right? “
  • “It’s my fault, I make him/her angry”
  • “He/She doesn’t like me seeing my friends or family”
  • “I never reported his behaviour to the Police.  Will anyone believe me?”

These are the sort of statements and questions that we hear when we meet with victims of domestic abuse.

Firstly, everyone has the right to live without fear of physical or emotional abuse whether it be from a family member or a partner or ex-partner.

Abuse does not just come in the form of physical violence, it can be emotional, such as the threat of violence or constantly putting one person down until that person has no more confidence or self-esteem.    Often when a person is the victim of abuse, they are made to feel that no one will believe them, or that there is nothing they can do.  THIS CANNOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH, so please do not suffer in silence.  

We have the experience and expertise to be able to help people who are victims of domestic abuse.

We will not judge you!  

We will work with you and guide you through every step of the way, so that you are protected.  

We offer a free initial 15-minute, pre-bookable phone call with one of our experienced family law team. Alternatively, we offer a fixed £120 fee inc VAT  for a 45-minute meeting with one of our highly experienced family team. If you would like some confidential advice about a family legal issue, contact us today to book a meeting.

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