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Employment Law Clinic for Employees

December 10, 2019

If you have a problem with your employer it can sometimes be difficult to know where to get the right advice. That’s why Jarmans Solicitors have created our Employment Law Clinic for Employees, you can book an initial 30-minute appointment with an employment law expert for £100 inc VAT

Why would I need to speak to an Employment Law Solicitor?

There are lots of reasons why an employee might need legal advice. It could be that your employment contract has recently changed, or you may never have received a contract. Maybe your company is restructuring or you have been told that you face redundancy. On the other hand, you may have discovered that your colleagues are paid more than you or may have been passed over for promotion and feel that it’s discriminatory.

In some cases, employees have come to speak to us because they feel they are being bullied and harassed in their workplace and, in other instances, because they feel they’ve been asked to work in unsafe conditions  Enquiries in respect of requests for adjustments due to caring responsibilities, be them for children or adults, adjustments to working hours after returning from maternity leave or requesting paternity leave have all seen an increase in recent years.

Please note that this employment clinic does not cover settlement agreements.

Book your Monday or Thursday appointments by calling 01795 472291 or email

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