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Furlough Has Been Extended - Jarmans Solicitors

Furlough Has Been Extended

June 22, 2022 jarmans 0 Comments

Alongside the announcement of new Tier 4 measures for parts of the UK it was also announced that furlough will be extended until 30th April 2021. Additionally, any claims for furloughed employees for December 2020 must be submitted by 14th January 2021.

The latest extensions of furlough allow for employees who were in employment on 30th October 2020 to receive 80% of their salary for hours not worked. This means that employees can either be fully furloughed, covering all the hours that they would have worked, or flexibly furloughed, allowing for them to work reduced hours with furlough making up the difference. Employers should also remember that while an employee is in receipt of furlough, they must not work for their employer during the hours covered by the government scheme. However, they can take part in training, do volunteer work for another organisation or employer, and work for another employer where contracts allow.

If you are an employer and would like advice on the furlough scheme and its latest extension, our team of employment solicitors are able to advise you on every part of the scheme and next steps. Get in touch on enquiries@jarmans-solicitors.co.uk or call 01795 472291

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