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How To Make Sure Your Legacy Is Effectively Protected

September 17, 2018

It is certainly no secret that later life planning can be very confusing. There are various aspects to consider, such as ensuring your family are looked after, making sure you have requisite funds for your retirement and ensuring that your estate is in order. There is also the looming consideration for potential care home fees as well.  

It is therefore understandable why a significant percentage the population of England and Wales have failed to make Wills – quite simply, they either think it will be too much hassle or too complicated.

However, when you consider the consequences of not safeguarding your estate by failing to write a Will or organising your Lasting Powers of Attorney, this should be reason enough to act. If you don’t have a valid Will, you have no say on how your estate will pass to your beneficiaries and it may pass to people who you may have never wanted it to (e.g. your partner’s future partner and then on to their beneficiaries).

Further, without your Lasting Powers of Attorney in place, your family might be forced through lengthy court procedure to make some of your most basic decisions if you no longer have mental capacity.

The Lifetime Certainty Plan from Jarmans Solicitors provides a straightforward plan which incorporates all of the essential aspects of later life planning. The plan includes individual, bespoke Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney for both financial and health matters and all necessary trust provisions for later life planning.

We ensure that our clients have every eventually covered for their sound peace of mind. In turn, we ensure that our client’s estates are fully protected in accordance with their wishes.

Don’t leave your estate to chance, contact Jarmans Solicitors today for a free exploration call regarding our Lifetime Certainty plan.

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