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How To Prevent Your Business Falling Into The Wrong Hands

September 17, 2018

So you’ve worked hard to build, develop and grow a successful business and (hopefully) your company is now going from strength to strength. Congratulations! This is exactly where we all wanted to be when we once dreamt of running our own business.

However, life has a way of never being completely plain sailing. If you haven’t sufficiently protected your business, everything that you’ve worked hard for may end up falling into the wrong hands.

A Business Protection Plan from Jarmans Solicitors incorporates some of the most essential aspects of protecting your business. The plan incorporates a Will with specific advice in relation to estate and inheritance tax planning and the incorporation of your business assets as well.

The plan also includes Lasting Powers of Attorney for your business affairs to ensure that there are specific instructions for whoever assumes responsibility of running your business should you no longer have mental capacity. These instructions can be legally binding and enforceable to ensure that your business isn’t taken advantage of when you are at your most vulnerable.

Without all of the elements incorporated into the plan, there is a real and genuine risk that should you no longer be able to manage your affairs, your business may derail or be dictated by someone who does not have your business or your family’s future in their considerations.

It is therefore essential that any prudent business owner ensures that they have protected their business and further estate with a Business Protection Plan from Jarmans Solicitors.

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