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Increase in Online Will Writing - What Does This Mean for Your Future?

October 27, 2021

New research by consultancy firm Funeral Solution Expert has shown that simple online Wills could eventually increase the amount of contested Probate cases. The report writes that online Will writers often do not ask sufficient questions to fully understand the extent of a person’s situation, nor do they give adequate information to inform a consumer if the Will is right for them. 

The report states that around 65% of those who believe they have ‘simple’ circumstances in fact have ‘complex’ affairs. The difference between ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ affairs is determined by various factors, including marital status and overseas property. The issues of online Will writing begin when the person writing the Will is not sufficiently clear on the affairs at hand.

Will Writing Liability

Up to 23% of customers didn’t read or understand the Terms and Conditions – meaning the drawbacks were discreetly placed; so many online providers can limit their liability, worsening the shock later to those who believed they were opting for the most straightforward process.

Moreover, the family of the person making the Will have nowhere to complain, nor do they have any right to legal compensation.

Will Drafting Solicitors

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Increase in Online Will Writing - What Does This Mean for Your Future?