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Jarmans Solicitors Working With Elephant And Child

June 21, 2022 jarmans 0 Comments

Jarmans are proud to be working with Elephant and Child.

Elephant and Child focus business leaders to drive value and innovation, through high impact growth, business development, and to enjoy profit.

Elephants Child are Business Growth Advisors in the UK SME market. Our purpose is to enable businesses to increase profit, grow and develop.  We aim to be the SME business advisor of choice and focus business leaders to develop their business, maximise growth, drive value and enjoy profit. We focus on delivering outcomes of turnaround, growth, funding or exit.​

The client journey is focussed on delivering the desired outcome, empowering the client to​ drive through phases of growth and break notional glass ceilings. For them to be ready to attract and utilise the right type of finance​ and increase the chances of exit and at the optimum value.​ We evidence a return on investment and improvement in cashflow as well as positioning the business leader in a place where they have a range of exit options at maximum value.​ We guide our clients through their own unique client journey tailored to meet their end goals.

We offer clients the ability to see their business from a different angle through our benchmark survey report. It enables them to understand how they compare against their local and national rivals by benchmarking their productivity, profitability and growth. In a thought provoking 1 1/2 hr meeting or CEO session, we listen and provide business insight, an understanding of the sector including merger and acquisition activity and an indicative valuation for the business. This allows an understanding as to where the business is currently and their future needs and how the business can enable these.

Our preparation for exit can then begin in earnest with the Business Insight process, a full and holistic audit of a businesses’ current situation. Importantly this reconciles the clients own view of the business balanced with a perspective of the businesses value through the lens of an acquirer or investor. We develop this report through a series of face-to-face meetings, remote questionnaires and diagnostic tools.  This affords clients candid and positive feedback on how to

move the business forward.

Business Growth Planning is a critical anchor point and foundation for any business. Often absent, weak or sat in peoples’ heads. The process delivers clarity in the form of a strategic intent, three year plan and annual operating plan. This enables clients to articulate a vision a forward-looking view of the business and the objectives, actions and simple steps required to deliver the plan.

Having made promises to our clients, suppliers, team ourselves, investors and other stakeholders. Virtual NED (vNED) is our ongoing support to help clients implement the plans that we have defined and achieve the goals and outcomes that we have set out.

Performance, governance, compliance and risk are the key focus. Our role is to always be there as the trusted advisor.


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