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Jay discusses changes to our High Streets and Apprenticeships

February 22, 2021

Jay Sahota is becoming quite a regular commentator on Kent Business News. This month he was joined by Clare Gilbanks of Gemini Innovations, where they discussed changes to the county's high streets caused by the pandemic and the impact of apprenticeships on young people in Kent. The pair also discussed the potential adverse effects on tourism from "the Kentish strain" of Covid-19.

Clare and Jay agreed that the latest Kentish variant of Covid shouldn’t have a long-term impact on summer visitors to the county before moving on to the impact of big-name retail casualties on high streets. 

The second half of the programme focussed on National Apprenticeship Week. Recent surveys have found that half of young people in Kent have put their career plans on hold because of the pandemic and that two-thirds are now considering apprenticeships. Both Jay and Clare celebrated the improved focus on apprenticeships and that more industries are becoming open to them. Jarmans currently have a paralegal who is taking an apprenticeship route to become a qualified solicitor, proving that there are alternatives to the traditional university path to becoming a solicitor.

You can watch the full programme here.

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Jay Sahota discusses changes to high streets and apprenticeships