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Jay Discusses Conflict As A Path To Happiness

June 22, 2022 jarmans 0 Comments

You wouldn’t normally expect to find the words conflict and happiness in the same sentence, but Jay’s recent podcast collaboration with Theodora F. Izzard could have you thinking differently. Theodora, who hosts ‘You, Me, Just Us Three – The Down to Earth Spiritual Podcast’ has been broadcasting her journey to find healing through conversations that bridge gaps between us. 

While many may not think of solicitors as healers, they do take conflicts and issues and attempt to resolve them. Removing the personal aspect from potentially heated situations and providing calm through resolution. 

In the podcast Jay explains how he deals with conflict, which as a litigator he admits to enjoying, by using empathy and sympathy when dealing with clients and people sat on the other side of the table. This ethos is something that Jarmans are proud to use throughout our practice. 

During the podcast, the pair also discuss unhappiness and emotions related to conflict concluding that, in many cases, it’s usually the way we react rather than what happened in the first place that causes the most upset. 

The podcast is available online and also on Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Spotify, and RadioPublic. 

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