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Jay Sahota from Jarmans Solicitors appears in Leaders Council podcast alongside Sir Andrew Strauss.

April 16, 2020

For businesses throughout the country, trying to get our voices and services heard by potential clients is becoming increasingly difficult. The lack of networking opportunities and face to face contact, makes getting ourselves out there in the traditional sense almost impossible. So, we were thrilled to hear that The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is currently in the process of talking to leadership figures from across the nation in an attempt to understand this universal trait and what it means in Britain and Northern Ireland today.

We were even more excited when Jay Sahota from Jarmans Solicitors was invited onto an episode of the podcast, which also included an interview with Sir Andrew Strauss. Host Matthew O'Neill asked both guests a series of questions about leadership and the role it has played in their careers to date.

Matthew O'Neill commented, ‘Hosting a show like this, where you speak to genuine leaders who have been there and done it, either on a national stage or within a crucial industry sector, is an absolute honour.’

Lord Blunkett, chairman of The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland said, ‘I think the most informative element of each episode is the first part, where Matthew O'Neill is able to sit down with someone who really gets how their industry works and knows how to make their organisation tick. Someone who’s there day in day out working hard and inspiring others. That’s what leadership is all about.’

You can listen to the podcast in full here: https://youtu.be/RVhd8-zPV2E

You can also discover more about both Jay Sahota and here: