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Jay Sahota meets the Legal Genie

April 10, 2021

Lara Quie is certainly experienced in working within the legal sphere. As a former corporate lawyer and APAC Head of Business Development for an international law firm she’s seen every aspect of the journey into a career in law. So, after focussing on building a business as a coach, it made perfect sense for her to create a podcast aimed at providing insights into the legal world. 

Her podcast, The Legal Genie is designed to help people in the legal industry see their world differently and gain insights by listening to the experiences of others. So, obviously Jay Sahota “The Happy Solicitor” had to make an appearance. Jay’s interview with Lara discusses how his aunt planted a seed in his mind, what he might have done if he hadn’t entered the law (it may surprise you), how he changed his law specialism, and why he left the City to work in regional law firms. 

For anyone considering a career in the legal profession, for trainee lawyers, and existing lawyers, this podcast is a must hear and provides a fascinating insight into the mind and beliefs of a lawyer who is also a successful businessman. You can listen to the podcast here and can also stream it through Apple, Spotify, Google, Overcast, Amazon and Stitcher. You can connect with Lara through her website.

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Jay Sahota meets the Legal Genie