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Jay to share his expert legal knowledge in free webinar

January 26, 2021

Jarmans Solicitors have always worked hard to maintain and foster excellent business networking links. Providing and enabling strong business connections can help companies of all sizes gain the knowledge to grow and succeed and, with the current lockdown in place, networking is more important that ever. This is why Jarmans Solicitors are corporate sponsors of the Rochester Cathedral Business Guild. 

Rochester Cathedral Business Guild was set up to encourage businesses throughout the Diocese to not only network with each other but also to maintain and promote high ethical standards, honesty and integrity. Their aim is to bring together likeminded businesses of all sizes by holding events throughout the year. Membership is free, as are the online events which are designed to provide companies with information that can help them succeed (or survive) during the challenges we currently face. 

Jay Sahota will be sharing his expert legal knowledge in a free webinar at 09.30 on Friday 12th February. His talk will focus on the importance of good contractual terms and conditions and will also share ideas on effective debt recovery. If you would like to register for the event, just click here

Additional events on the programme for the next few weeks include a talk by Dr Caroline Jessel on Wednesday January 13th which will focus on the work of the Kent Nature Partnership and a webinar on Thursday 18th February by Phil Hibben, Head of Strategic Planning for the EU Exit Transition, about the challenges he faced in getting ready for the transition and the changes that may impact businesses in the future. 

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Jay to share his expert legal knowledge in free webinar