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Lasting Powers Of Attorney – Why You Need One From 18

February 9, 2018

People think that Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) are for the elderly.

Whilst the majority are used for supporting older people, this is far from accurate.

I have dealt with many clients with a variety of injuries which mean that they cannot communicate or make decisions properly. Some have been as young as 14, and you can lose capacity to act at any age. As such, your LPA is a one-off insurance policy. If you end up incapacitated, it means that your trusted loved ones (whoever you choose) can step in and act on your behalf until you get better. This can be from dealing with your utility bills with an LPA (Finance) through to making critical medical decisions using an LPA (Health). It doesn’t even have to be that you lose capacity. What if you break your leg and can’t get to the bank?

An LPA can help even with these types of issue. This is as well as the more widely known ability for Attorneys in your LPA being able to make decisions if the writer of the LPA (Donor) loses capacity due to age.

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