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Millionaire property crash courses - If they sound too good to be true, they are!

April 28, 2020

We are acting for a large number of investors in a claim against a renowned, evangelical-style property crash course guru, who claims that his investor clients can make oodles of money, after attending expensive property crash courses.

The format is well-known: fledgling property investors are lured to attend courses via flashy marketing and promises of a property empire within months, if the lessons imparted are followed. Hundreds attend. Past attendees are present and throw away their novice crutches with cries of “I’m rich; this has changed my life.” It’s all easy, right? No-brainer? Just follow the formula and you can’t go wrong?

Hardly. The property courses ratchet up in cost. The so-called sacred lessons can be easily researched online. There is no guarantee. Most victims - sorry, devotees - make no money at all and indeed lose money as they are often sued for the remaining fees once they are locked into the system.

In such scenarios, there are several potential causes of action, including misrepresentation and / or breach of contract.

There is strength in numbers, as legal costs can be shared with other claimants and are initially fixed fee.

If you have suffered economic losses as a result of such property investment schemes, please call Jeanine Harry on 01795 472291 or email her on