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No Fault Divorce

June 24, 2022 jarmans 0 Comments

Traditionally the word ‘divorce’  conjures up images of divorcing couples being locked into a volatile
and merciless battle over assets and children, but how reflective is this of reality? There can be
misconception the moment solicitors become involved, everything becomes hostile and protracted!
The recent advent of the “no-fault” divorce marks a shift in traditional attitudes towards divorce.
Provision has now been made for more couples to part ways in amicable ways without citing a
blame game as to why the marriage broke down.

An amicable approach can not only help minimise costs, stress and time spent, but is also helpful
where the parties need to co-parent in the future.

The Family team at Jarmans take the view that a solicitor’s role is to make the divorce process as
smooth as possible, rather than to add fuel to the fire. Whilst we provide solid and robust advice
as to your rights, we realise the importance of maintaining reasonable communications and
undertaking your case in a non- inflammatory manner, so as to achieve optimum results each time.

Our legal team take the time to explain the different options available for out of court settlements,
including mediation, alternative dispute resolution and negotiations through solicitors.  We will also
provide information on the Court process. Our clients are then able to make an informed choice as
to the best option for them. 

In short therefore, it is absolutely possible to have an amicable divorce and financial settlement. The
Jarmans team will work with you to find the approach which best suits you so you can feel confident,
at ease and in control.

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