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Pets, Parking & Parties – How To Handle Your Neighbour!

January 18, 2019


Most common types of disputes between neighbours include nuisance, illegal/immoral use of the property, anti-social behaviour, parking arrangements. We will tackle ways in which various disputes between the neighbours can be resolved and discuss the steps to be taken.  

Situations requiring immediate action

In situations where there is a possibility that one or the other party will be harmed as a result of the dispute, the police must be immediately contacted and requested to intervene. Once there are no further risks involved, other remedies can then be considered.

Talking to the neighbour

Another option is to simply write letter to the neighbour outlining the nature of the dispute and suggesting a possible action plan resolving the issue. We are highly experienced in disputes between the neighbours and we can assist in drafting the said letter that will hopefully lead to a resolution of the dispute.

Contacting their landlord

As the owner of the property and a third party, the landlord might be able to intervene resulting in a quick resolution of the dispute. We will investigate and locate the landlord of your neighbour. We will also assist you in writing to your neighbour’s landlord outlining issues and asking them to immediately take action against your neighbour.

Mediation Services

Should both parties not be able to come to an agreement and the landlord is not able to assist, mediation is the next option to consider. During this process a mediator will engage with both parties to try and resolve the issue in question. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are able to attend mediation on your behalf as your legal representatives and seek to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Complaint to the local Council

The Council will be able to assist in cases of statutory nuisance only. This includes noise complaints or any complains affecting health and safety. This might result in your neighbour being liable to pay a penalty. We are highly experienced in dealing with local Councils. We can write to Council on your behalf expressing the seriousness of the matter relating to the dispute in question.

Legal Action

One of the most effective ways to resolve issues between parties. Neighbours who decide to instruct a firm of Solicitors can chose from various options including sending a Letter-Before-Action threatening to start litigation and then negotiate the terms of settlement or, alternatively, a Letter-Before-Action with an intent to issue legal proceedings can be sent. We are experts in various civil disputes and we can provide you with further advice and assist you in legal action being taken.


It is important to note that there are various actions that may assist in resolving disputes between neighbours. However, it is essential that the disputes are resolved swiftly in order to prevent any further disturbances between parties.

We are highly experienced in various disputes between both residential and commercial short-term and long-term tenants and owners. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a further consultation or assistance in handling disputes. We will ensure that appropriate action is taken and you achieve the best possible outcome in your circumstances.  

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