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Social Care Agencies Ordered to pay care workers £100,000 in back pay

September 20, 2020

Three social care agencies have recently been ordered by an Employment Tribunal to pay over £100,000 in back pay to 10 care workers. The case goes back to 2016 and at the time the care workers were not being paid for time spent travelling between multiple clients. In many instances they would work 14 hours per day, including time spent travelling and waiting.

The care workers, who were represented by UNISON, were in effect being paid half the minimum wage at the time. The ruling however determined that travel and waiting time of up to 60 minutes between appointments should be treated as work time and therefore paid.

The agencies concerned have since the ruling stated that the main issue of non-payment of wages related to the period when the care workers worked for a different agency, which at the time was providing the care services to the Local Authority involved.

The ruling is obviously significant for homecare providers, Local Authorities and the NHS.