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Spring clean your T’s & C’s

February 15, 2019

Protect yourself and help your business.

Terms and conditions of business (T’s and C’s) are an essential part of doing business. T’s & C’s tell the world you mean business and you mean to conduct business openly and on your terms. However, if you had your T’s & C’s drafted several years ago they may not be up to date with current law and this may be particularly true if you do business with consumers. Consumer law will have an impact on how you trade with such customers.  

Essentially, your T’s & C’s lay down the rules which you and your customer agree to follow in the transaction that you are undertaking. Most individuals and companies in business know how important they are and that they create a legally binding contract between you and your customer.

Once done, terms and conditions do have a shelf life. They need a review every 18 months to 2 years to ensure that the drafted terms are still in line with current law and practice. It’s an opportunity as well to check that essential terms like your details (whether you are limited company, partnership or sole trader), the price (which can include deposits, stage payments retentions), the goods and services to be provided and any guarantees, your ability to limit liability and finally terminate the contract under certain conditions. A review of your T’s & C’s is also an opportunity to discover whether the version you are using in business actually covers all the areas of protection that you need when contracting with your customers and this is especially so if your business has evolved or changed into something new.

If you have T’s & C’s already but haven’t had them reviewed for at least 2 years, have them reviewed now so that they can be updated and omissions dealt with where necessary. If you don’t have terms and conditions, now is a good time to have them prepared to protect your business thoroughly.  

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