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You Wouldn’t Throw Your Money Away, Would You?

December 11, 2018

It’s a simple question and I imagine you’ve internally answered, ‘no, of course I wouldn’t!’

However, if you don’t make a Will explicitly stating where you want your estate to go, you run the risk of throwing your money away - and even worse than that – to the government…

It might shock you to know that near enough 70% of the population in the UK do not currently have a valid Will. This is a serious gamble that each one of those 70% are taking regarding their estate.

So what is your ‘estate’ that you so desperately need to protect but so many willingly neglect? It’s basically everything. All of your finances, property, personal possessions, savings and investments. Everything that you have worked and strived for and everything you have laboured tirelessly for.

So why are you chancing it?

Whilst writing a Will is a straightforward process, the content may be complex but it is something that can be done in a timely and efficient manner by your professional adviser.

Wills don’t just protect your estate but can also advise who you would want to be the guardians of your children, where your most prized possessions will go and who looks after your affairs after you’ve passed away.

Take control of your financial destiny. Contact your professional adviser to get your Will arranged today.

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