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Conveyancing (Residential) - Jarmans Solicitors

Fees for a conveyancing matter can vary. However, we provide a fixed fee. You may use the estimate quote which will set out the fees that we charge. You will see the factors which influence the quote are:-

  1. Whether it is a Leasehold.
  2. Whether it is a shared ownership property.
  3. Whether it is a new build property.
  4. Whether you are relying on any gifts to pay for your deposit.

Using unregulated Lenders or Bridging Finance may also affect the fees. The fees are all fixed and range from between £700 to £1,500 plus 20% VAT.

Key Stages

Every transaction is individual and distinct, but on average, for Freehold property the Exchange of Contracts usually takes place within 10-12 weeks from receiving instruction. Completion is usually 1-2 weeks thereafter. Leasehold property is more complicated and therefore usually takes a week or two longer, but is dependent on response times from Freehold Owner or Management company. 

A full list of the key stages can be found in our blog

* Instruction from client 
* Prepare draft contract package, apply for management pack if relevant 
* Buyers solicitors review contracts and search result and raise enquiries with us
* We respond, 
* Proceed to exchange if all enquiries are satisfied 
* Completion 

* Receive instructions 
* Apply for searches 
* Wait for mortgage offer 
* Draft contract received from sellers, and review documents and raise enquiries. 
* Once satisfied with responses, we prepare a report on titleSet exchange date and then exchange 
* Complete. 


If you are selling a property, we will need to obtain Office Copy Entries from the Land Registry, and these are usually no more than £20.

If it is a Leasehold property, you may be required to pay for a Management Pack, and these are fees charged by the Managing Agent. Some Freeholders also provide Packs. These packs vary in price, and some are as little as £100 plus 20% VAT, whilst some of them can cost £550 plus 20% VAT for the larger Managing Agents. We will not be aware of these costs until we are instructed and have asked for them from the Managing Agents and the Landlord.

Our fees include everything that is required in order to bring the conveyancing process to an end, and we do not charge any additional fees for drafting forms such as the Stamp Duty Land Tax and Transfer forms.

We do not pay referral fees, and rely on our customers to refer us good clients. To go to our conveyancing section please click here.