Price Transparency

Family Price Transparency

Fees for a family matter can vary, however we will try to offer a fixed fee where we can in order to provide you with certainty.

Initial consultation

If you would like just some initial advice in relation to your matter, then we offer a fixed fee consultation. The Consultation is for 45 minutes and we charge £99 inclusive of VAT. We also offer a free 15-minute consultation by telephone where you can call and we can very briefly discuss your matter to see if we can help you.


If you are looking to divorce your spouse then we offer a fixed fee of £1,200 plus VAT and the Court fee of £550. This in total equates to £1990 including VAT and the Court fee. This is only offered where the matter is uncontested. Our fee includes preparing and amending the Divorce Petition, providing a letter before claim to your spouse, filing the Petition with the Court, considering letters and documents in from the Court, preparing an application for Decree Nisi, updating you along the way and obtaining your Decree Absolute.

There may be reasons for your divorce becoming contested and drawn out. This may be due to an unresponsive spouse. At this stage you may require a process server, who’s fees often vary from £100 – £200 plus VAT (Subject to change). At this stage you will be liable for the cost of the process server in addition to our above mentioned fees.


When dealing with Divorce often finances are dealt with along side the main divorce. Our fees can often vary when dealing with financial matters due to:-

  1. The nature of the work involved.
  2. The complexity of the matter.
  3. How much disclosure is required.
  4. Potential Court proceedings, etc.

We will typically charge financial matters on an hourly basis. Our rates will vary depending on the fee earners seniority and level of experience.

The above is an example of a contested situation. Where you have reached agreement with your ex spouse as to the financial split without us having to negotiate on your behalf, we may be able to offer a fixed fee for drafting and filing the required paperwork. Please note, we cannot advise as to whether the offer is fair as we are likely not have had full and frank financial disclosure.

For simply drafting and filing the Consent Order and accompanying financial paperwork we charge a fixed fee of £750 plus VAT and the Court fee of £50. In total this is £950 inc VAT and the Court fee. However, if the matter becomes contested and we are required to do more than the above then we reserve the right to amend our fee structure accordingly, of course we will discuss this with you first.

Pre nups/Post nups/Separation agreements and Cohabitation Agreements

We understand the need for parties to have certainty when preparing the above agreements and making sure they are water tight. To this effect we can provide a fixed fee for dealing with the above agreements. We understand that these matters will likely need to be completed in a given time frame hence offer a fixed fee of £750 plus VAT for a simple agreement. If the agreement is more involved then we will discuss our fees further with you.

What does the above give you? It provides you with a draft agreement and our advice, any amendment’s that you may have up to a limit of 2 drafts of the agreement. We will forward the agreement on your spouse/partner for them to obtain independent legal advice. We will amend the document for a further draft at the request of the solicitors if required. We will also engross the documents for the parties signatures and assist in finalising.

Child contact

We are acutely aware of costs when dealing with child arrangements. This is where one parent is either being obstructive or difficult when allowing the other parent to see their child/children.

Typically these matters can be settled between the parties by way of open dialogue with our assistance. In this respect we will charge based on an hourly basis, as explained above our rates may vary depending on the fee earners seniority and level of experience.

However, where you would like to attend Court at the outset of the matter and our advice warrants attending Court at an early Juncture then all sets up to and including the first hearing where you are the Applicant, we charge a fixed fee of £600 plus VAT and the Court fee of £215. You will also incur a fee for a barrister to attend on your behalf. Barrister’s fees can vary depending on level of experience and locality. We endeavour to select a Barrister who we believe will provide you with the best result while also factoring in your budget. We have connections with a number of Barrister’s Chamber’s both locally in Kent as well as London.

After the first hearing if we can agree a further fixed fee then we will discuss this with you. Alternatively we will charge on a hourly rate basis as described above.

Domestic violence

For any one suffering from Domestic Violence, we are offering our initial consultation for free. This means you get 45 minutes of free advice with one of our lawyers.

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