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Motoring Offences In The Magistrates’ Court - Jarmans Solicitors

We defend all driving offences. Many offences result in penalty points being endorsed on your driving licence.

We defend all driving offences. A number of motoring offences result in penalty points being endorsed on your driving licence.  Certain offences can lead a court to impose a prison sentence.

If you obtain 12 penalty points you will be disqualified as part of the totting procedure. If you choose to instruct this firm we can make an argument that a disqualification would result in you suffering exceptional hardship. If the court finds exceptional hardship in your case they may decide not to disqualify you from driving.

For some offences, such as drink driving, disqualification usually follows. However, in certain circumstances, we may be able to argue that special reasons apply. If the court make a finding of special reasons the court may decide not to proceed with disqualification.

We realise that keeping your driving licence is important to you and will fight for you to stay on the road.

What are our fees?
* Guilty plea – £800 plus VAT (total £960)
* Guilty plea with evidence of exceptional hardship – £1000 plus VAT (total £1200)
* Trials and a guilty plea with special reasons – £2000 plus VAT (total £2,400) 

What services will be provided?
* Reviewing and considering the prosecution evidence;
* taking your instructions;
* providing advice on the law, evidence and procedure as it relates to the driving matter that you face. This will include consideration of your plea and any potential sentence;
* drafting witness statements (as required);
* Drafting instructions to required experts (as required);
* A full explanation of the court procedure in language that you can understand;
* Representation in court.

What is not included?
To help avoid any misunderstandings, we bring to your attention the fact that that we will not provide you with any advice on the following:
* Attendance at the police station;
* Booking a drink driving rehabilitation course for you;
* Attendance at appointments with the probation service;Attendance after court for the purpose of fines enforcement;
* Attendance at court when produced in custody following a failure to appear on bail or response to a summons;
* Any appeals against sentence and/or conviction;
* Representation or any drafting involved in an appeal against sentence and/or conviction; and,
* Attendance on or dealing with the press.

If applicable, we will price these and any other requirements separately for you. All additional fees will be charged at a rate of £330 plus VAT (total £396).

Who will Handle my case?
Our motoring offences team is led by Matthew Davis who is a solicitor with more than 10 years of experience in handling road traffic cases in the criminal courts. 

Disbursements are charges payable in addition to our fees, normally to a third party. They can include fees payable to the court, barristers and other individuals such as medical experts who may be required to provide evidence in your case.

Examples of disbursements include expert reports (approximately £150.00 – £250.00 plus VAT), expert attendance at Court (approximately £50.00 – £200.00 plus VAT per hour), Barrister’s costs (advice or attendance at Court £50.00 – £300.00 Plus VAT per hour).

Expenses may also be charged for photocopying and printing documents, travel and hotel accommodation and can range from £50-£500 depending on the circumstances. All expenses are subject to VAT.

Where we anticipate that any disbursements or additional fees may be payable, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Time Scales:
Cases heard in the magistrates’ court can vary in respect of their timescales. Should you enter a guilty plea your case may conclude with a single hearing. If you plead not guilty then the time scale of your case will depend upon the complexity of your case, the existing caseload of the relevant court and the availability of witnesses for the prosecution and defence. Nonetheless, you might reasonably expect your case to conclude within 26 weeks of entering a not guilty plea. 

Based on a not guilty plea, the key stages of your case can include:
* Plea hearing;
* Preparation for trial (see What services will be provided? section);
* Trial
* Sentencing (if convicted)

Dependant upon the outcome of your case, we can discuss with you whether you should consider an appeal against conviction and/or sentence. This work will be charged at a rate of £330 plus VAT (total £396).

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